Testimonies: Shannon, Rosemary, and Emma

faulksAs I sit here and think of how The House of the Harvest has impacted my life and my families, I really do not know where to start, but I will start at the beginning…

On February 2, 2015 we lost my dad to a massive stroke. As we laid him to rest my husband and I knew what we had to do. We could not leave my mama to live by herself. I knew we had some serious convincing to do. But she did agree and we have had her since. When she did come to live with us I knew I needed to try and keep her busy. So I started signing her up for volunteering at my daughter’s school. We both were longing for something to fill the void we had in our lives. Continue reading “Testimonies: Shannon, Rosemary, and Emma”

Happy Birthday Victor!

victorThere are some pretty incredible stories of how God is at work in people’s lives that have grown from our short time at House of the Harvest. One of those stories belongs to Victor. Victor started coming to HoH fairly early after we opened. He joined our House of the Harvest family as someone who was in need of our services. A big part of Victor’s story is our outside guy, my brother in law Cary.

Cary has a lot of gifts that sometimes I am not sure he even realizes. One of those gifts is that he loves people and he can start a conversation with just about anyone. Cary is never too good to talk to anybody either. That quality is what created the bond between he and Victor. Through frequent conversations each Saturday, Cary and Victor developed a mutual respect for one another. Shortly afterward they were friends…you would have thought they had known each other since high school.
Continue reading “Happy Birthday Victor!”

Just in time…

SMS FACYesterday we had several of our SMS teachers join us at House of the Harvest. We have been blessed in our lives to be able to work at SMS and be surrounded by such a supportive group. Our SMS faculty is as much “family” as any group I have ever worked with, and I am proud to be a part. Huge thank you to Shalunda Sherrod, Rachel Evans, and Jennifer Whitt who are such a big part of House of the Harvest on a regular basis, but also to Huston Carter, Whitney King, Anne Katherine Baugh, Amy DeWeese, Debbie Shumate, Carla Bates, and Chad Kennedy for coming out yesterday! Continue reading “Just in time…”

Learning to Trust

trustThis week I have been studying Matthew 6. One of the challenges Jesus presents is for us to not worry, but to trust that the Lord will provide. Every time I think about trust, my mind goes to Abram standing before the land with Lot. He had to know which side Lot would choose. He had to know that the beautiful land would be what Lot would want for himself. Abram showed so much trust that God would provide. I am continually impressed by the amazing faith of Abram.

I have been on this journey, trying to develop this kind of faith and trust. Sometimes I am amazed at what God does in the moments that my trust doesn’t waiver. This week God confirmed something about trusting in Him in my mind. I had to share… Continue reading “Learning to Trust”

God’s Family: Living in Community

communityI stopped by this morning to check the mailbox. We got the water bill. It reads -197.51. How did that happen? I guess I should call and clarify. I hear, “Hello,” on the other end. I reply, “Yes ma’am, I am from House of the Harvest and I just got our bill and it says -197.51?” On the other end, “Yes sir, someone put $200 on the account for y’all.” Continue reading “God’s Family: Living in Community”

Testimonies: Jeremy and Kristin Tomes

TomesWe are very blessed to get to be a part of the work that the House of the Harvest is doing by serving the community we live in.  For so many of us we live comfortable lives and can easily forget that our neighbors can be struggling to find food for their next meal.  Allowing families to receive food at the House of the Harvest takes a big step in changing that. Continue reading “Testimonies: Jeremy and Kristin Tomes”

Our Greatest Joy

EmmaThis school year, Jennifer and I have spoken to over 2,000 students of Madison County Schools about House of the Harvest. Our hope is to share just a little bit of what is happening through the hearts of God’s people in our community. Every time we speak to a group of kids, have a group come to work with us, or tell the story of how it began, it plants a seed in those hearts. There is no greater blessing than watching those seeds grow.

Over the course of the last few months we have watched seeds grow and grow, and in such a short time. I would say the greatest blessings we have experienced are watching our children being motivated to serve others and to initiate change in our community. Those stories have to have a voice…and they have to spread like wildfire. A child can inspire adults with their soft hearts in ways that no one else can. That is why I felt compelled to share. Continue reading “Our Greatest Joy”


walterjonesWalter Jones came to work Saturday! What a blessing he has been to House of the Harvest! For those that don’t know, Walter used to live in our community. He played several years with the Seattle Seahawks and is highly regarded as one of the best, if not the best, offensive tackle to ever play in the NFL. Walter is a Hall of Famer, and John Madden himself stated that he thought Walter was, “the best player in the NFL” at one point in his career. Continue reading “Surprise!”

Two Mites

two mitesThere is a certain lady who visits House of the Harvest each week. She keeps a very low profile. She doesn’t stay long…sometimes she doesn’t even get out of the car. Just pulls into the parking lot, unknown to the majority of people there, makes a generous food donation, and carries on her way. I don’t know her name, where she is from, or even the reason that House of the Harvest compels her to contribute…but she is there, every Saturday to make her donation.

And by all accounts her donation may not seem much to most people there. It doesn’t need a pallet to be moved like a lot of our food. Nobody needs to come running with a shopping cart or anything to bring it in. It doesn’t require a dolly, or several individuals, or a pallet jack. In fact, some might even look at her donation and think, that will only serve 5 or 6 of our 150 families. Continue reading “Two Mites”

Protected By The Almighty Hand

communityEver since the beginning of time, God has been faithful to protect His people. Remember when Abraham let Lot choose the better land? He knew God would protect him. When Moses stood in front of Pharaoh? God had promised to protect him. Over and over in the Psalms we can read about David and his reliance on God’s protection from his enemies. God was faithful to protect His people over and over again.

But there were times when He wasn’t. Just the other night I read the story of the tower of Babel. The people were seeking to “make a name for themselves.” They were self-promoting, self-serving, and self-reliant. In the end, God didn’t offer His protection. Rather, He caused confusion and dispersed them as He had commanded them.

I feel a great sense of protection over House of the Harvest. Mostly, I think, because I feel God has blessed us with a tremendous responsibility. Wouldn’t I be an unfaithful steward to not guard and protect it with all of my heart? Continue reading “Protected By The Almighty Hand”