Learning to Trust

trustThis week I have been studying Matthew 6. One of the challenges Jesus presents is for us to not worry, but to trust that the Lord will provide. Every time I think about trust, my mind goes to Abram standing before the land with Lot. He had to know which side Lot would choose. He had to know that the beautiful land would be what Lot would want for himself. Abram showed so much trust that God would provide. I am continually impressed by the amazing faith of Abram.

I have been on this journey, trying to develop this kind of faith and trust. Sometimes I am amazed at what God does in the moments that my trust doesn’t waiver. This week God confirmed something about trusting in Him in my mind. I had to share…

Our 5K last week was very successful for a first year run. It turned out to be a really good fundraiser the Turkey Bowl Committee hosted for us. After the fact, I felt the need for us to tithe (according to the OT tradition) of the amount of profit. We always tithe our food to other ministries and places of need (a practice we learned from the Manna House), but I felt it necessary for us to tithe of this amount this week. I reached out to a friend who was preparing for a mission trip next week, and he made me aware of some needs his group had financially. Of course it was the exact amount of our tithe. That is all the sign you would think someone would need, right?

Turns out it is a pretty significant amount of money. What to do? It was too much coincidence not to trust it was right. We made the commitment to give the tithe toward the trip, trusting that it was where God wanted that money to go…

Time out for background information purposes. In a typical week we can see anywhere from $100 to $400 donated to House of the Harvest. Our donations are pretty sporadic. But God always provides. Every now and then, we will take in more than that in a week, typically when we have a group that donates. But sometimes we don’t take in anything…it just depends on the time.

Back to this week. We committed to the trip on Wednesday. After our Saturday distribution I went to the mail box to find two donations that exceed the amount of our tithe check! As if that wasn’t enough, I got home and Jennifer handed me some other donations she had received. I asked her how much it was…combined with what I had, it was exactly double our tithe…just three days later. Confirmation – Trust Him enough to give. He will bless your generosity. In the words of Fran, “You can’t outgive God!”


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