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SMS FACYesterday we had several of our SMS teachers join us at House of the Harvest. We have been blessed in our lives to be able to work at SMS and be surrounded by such a supportive group. Our SMS faculty is as much “family” as any group I have ever worked with, and I am proud to be a part. Huge thank you to Shalunda Sherrod, Rachel Evans, and Jennifer Whitt who are such a big part of House of the Harvest on a regular basis, but also to Huston Carter, Whitney King, Anne Katherine Baugh, Amy DeWeese, Debbie Shumate, Carla Bates, and Chad Kennedy for coming out yesterday!


While we were working several of the ladies were packing hygiene bags full of the products that were donated by Keller Williams Realty in Madison. Thanks to KW also! And they ran out of shampoo! They still had quite a bit of everything else that was going in the bags…deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. But the shampoo was gone. Bates

As they were trying to make a decision about what to do, Cary Sadler, our resident “outside man” as we call him for holding down the outside each week, came in pushing a buggy full of shampoo bottles. Seriously…it never ceases to amaze us how God provides and times His provision, just so we know it could only be orchestrated by a infinite wisdom!

The greatest lesson in all of it…the shampoo was donated by a local family with nine children! Jana, the mother, homeschools their nine children and is an extreme couponer. Because of her incredible talent, she didn’t pay a dime for the entire buggy of shampoo! What an awesome experience for us all to share and celebrate together! And to think what she is passing along to her children…utilizing her resources to provide for the needs of individuals she doesn’t even know, all in the middle of raising nine children! I am inspired by your generosity and selflessness!

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