Happy Birthday Victor!

victorThere are some pretty incredible stories of how God is at work in people’s lives that have grown from our short time at House of the Harvest. One of those stories belongs to Victor. Victor started coming to HoH fairly early after we opened. He joined our House of the Harvest family as someone who was in need of our services. A big part of Victor’s story is our outside guy, my brother in law Cary.

Cary has a lot of gifts that sometimes I am not sure he even realizes. One of those gifts is that he loves people and he can start a conversation with just about anyone. Cary is never too good to talk to anybody either. That quality is what created the bond between he and Victor. Through frequent conversations each Saturday, Cary and Victor developed a mutual respect for one another. Shortly afterward they were friends…you would have thought they had known each other since high school.

Nowadays, you can see Victor out in the parking lot helping Cary every Saturday. They work together as well as any two people in our building, because they both have a desire to help and work hard. Matter of fact, Victor began by offering to help Cary set up the parking lot one Saturday while he was waiting in line. Cary agreed to let him, and now it has become part of his routine. In fact, last Saturday, I pulled up around 6:45 AM. Cary, who typically beats me there, had not yet arrived. The parking lot, already set up. Signs up, benches out, rope for the line ran, and the doors already open…all Victor. His wife, Garnet, and his daughter, Savannah, came inside and helped all morning.

Victor’s influence doesn’t stop there. In fact, one of the most powerful things you will ever see happens at House of the Harvest every Saturday. People begin lining up outside around 5:30 AM. We show up to start preparing for the day about 6:45. And it is so amazing to watch as Jennifer, Cary, and I set up, the people in line will come in and help us put everything out. Victor is the one who started that. It was his example that set the tone for everyone.

We are proud to know your family, Victor. Thanks for all you do for House of the Harvest! Your example quietly speaks to others. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

The House of the Harvest Family

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  1. We are truly lucky that we met your family. Thank you for the blessings you have bestowed on our family. Thank you for a wonderful birthday.

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