Meet the Taylors

TaylorOne of the coolest things about House of the Harvest is being able to hear different people’s stories…and we hear some really good ones. To the left is the Taylor family. I first met Kelly when I did half of my administrative internship at Walnut Grove School. I only spent a week there, but I was blessed with the opportunity to meet some really great people. Kelly was one of them.

While doing my internship, Jennifer and I, along with several of our friends from the Light were already laying the groundwork for House of the Harvest to begin. Of course, only God knew that it would become what it is. We were just working tirelessly to meet the need in front of us. Needless to say, in time after delivering several boxes of food, a few beds, and other miscellaneous things to include even a golf bag (that’s an inside story), House of the Harvest would be born.

Some time after the Harvest Volunteer Fire Department gave us our building, I got to catch up with Kelly. It had been several months since my time at Walnut Grove. But what a crazy turn of events, Kelly’s father was a member of the Harvest Fire Department! And she had spent years in that building growing up in Harvest. In fact, her husband picked her up for their very first date at our building when they were teenagers. She shared with us how proud her parents would be of what we are doing and how the building is being used. We are so blessed!

Today Kelly and her children, Katie and Tommy, are regulars at House of the Harvest on the weekends. I am sure she has a lot of wonderful memories in our building, but her family is making new ones there often. We are blessed to have them come work. Katie and Tommy are both wonderful, hard-working kids with a great spirit.

My heart was touched a few weeks ago as I was walking back into the building. Katie was outside in the parking lot praying with the first woman we delivered food to over a year ago. She is a single mother who lost her husband just a few weeks before we started delivering food. They were recommended to us by the school counselor and we have been very blessed to be able to provide some of that family’s needs. It’s so funny how God can connect dots we would never associate in our lives. To be on my side and to have seen it all was special. The first family we reached out to help, led by God pulling on the heart of a dear friend, Marty Walker. The connection I was able to make in the assignment He orchestrated at Walnut Grove. Kelly’s instant connection to House of the Harvest, through her childhood. Her children’s desire to work and the courage of a teenager to spend time in prayer with a total stranger…

And God pulled all those things together and I was blessed with a very special moment, to be able to see it all come together. The Taylor’s have a great story that is building every day. We are glad to be able to be a part of it! Thanks Taylor’s! God bless your family for your work in His kingdom in Harvest and Walnut Grove!

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