Pots and Pans

potsYesterday was a great day at House of the Harvest. We served around 140 families. It’s amazing to see the confirmation in how God meets our every need. We had a lady come through the line yesterday asking for pots. Jeremy Tomes brought her to my attention. We have never had pots.

I was heartbroken to tell her that we didn’t have anything for her, and I tried to break it to her gently. Just as I was turning away to head out the door, I saw a box at my feet that someone had brought earlier that morning. It was full of towels, hot pads, and you guessed it…four pots! Corey Woods brought them from work along with some other things to donate to HoH. Jeremy and I gave her all four pots. Sometimes all you can do is look toward Him, smile, and realize He knows our every need…even if it’s so small. Thank you Father, for the pots! I pray we glorified your name through that gift You knew she needed!

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