He is always watching over us

One year ago we started delivering food in boxes to some of our students in need. Today, right at one year later, House of the Harvest was filled washerwith volunteers providing those needs and more in phenomenal ways to all of our community. We have been so blessed to watch it transform! And just when you need a reminder…

We had a lady come in today in desperate need of a washer and dryer. We haven’t come across that request in a year’s time, nor have we had anyone to offer either to us. I turned her to another non-profit that I was aware of, but Melanie Basham (one of our volunteers) decided to take Mrs. Beth’s phone number in case something came up.

As we were sweeping out the building for close, a lady pulled up, walked in and asked, “Who do I need to talk to about donating a washer and dryer?”

I replied, “You are joking?”

He is still there, watching over House of the Harvest. Thanks for the anniversary gift! We love and You and we couldn’t do anything without You.

God bless.

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