Merry Christmas

We had quite a few toys donated at Christmas this year. When we had our Christmas dinner we sent almost all of them out. We probably had 50 kids there the night we celebrated Christmas. In fact, there were so many kids that we couldn’t even keep up with all of the gifts that were leaving! God had provided so many gifts…and so many children! What a blessing that night was to so many families.

Jennifer, with help from Jana Bannister, was overseeing the wrapping and distributing of the gifts. In the moment, something told Jennifer to hold a few back. So she did…three boxes of legos in fact. Being as wise as she is, she tucked them away in a safe spot, because if you don’t at HoH, it will disappear. Remember that if you ever come.

At our Saturday distribution that week, we had a young guy come in. He asked to talk to me. He humbly asked me if we had any toys for his boys for Christmas. I was unaware that Jennifer had put those toys away. I said, “Let’s go look.”

As we walked toward the back room, I asked him, “How many boys do you have?” His reply…”Three.” We kept walking, “What kind of stuff do they like?” His reply…”Mostly just legos.” I returned, “Ok. Lets see what we can find.”

In the other room unaware, Jennifer was pulling the legos out along with a couple of other things she had saved for any girls that may be in need of Christmas. As soon as we turned the corner into the room, there sat the three boxes of legos. Merry Christmas little guys!

It’s amazing to see in the moment, but even more amazing to feel something inside of you leading you to make the decisions that you so often make at a place like House of the Harvest. Jennifer was overjoyed knowing that she had a feeling just a few nights earlier to save those boxes, and that feeling was confirmed in a powerful way. What a blessing to be in that moment!

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