Filling the House

George_MuellerOn Monday a co-worker came to Jennifer and me with a book. It was her favorite story…an autobiography of George Muller that she was dying to share with us. She said that our journey to begin House of the Harvest was a similar story to his. His story really is remarkable. We were both so impacted by many of the stories from his journey to start the orphanages that it was an instant change in our lives. And the timing couldn’t have been better. I was most impacted by Muller’s prayer life. He kept a prayer journal where he wrote down the specific things that he asked from God. He even recorded when he asked for them and when that specific prayer was answered. He had over 50,000 prayers recorded in his journals and 30,000 of those were answered on the same day!

Fast forward to Thursday. Ty and I went over to House of the Harvest to prepare some things for Saturday, pull the tithe, and tidy up a bit. As I was sorting through everything, I was thinking we were so heavy on cans. We had a lot of canned food items but very little of much else. It has kind of been an unusual week, because Fran had so much going on at Manna House and we were having a difficult time coordinating our schedules.

Having been so impacted by Muller’s story about bringing the kids to breakfast with no food in the orphanage, and how he went on thanking God for the food He was “about to provide,” when at that very moment, a baker knocked on the door and brought bread and, shortly thereafter, a milk truck broke down outside the orphanage.
So the only logical thing left to do was pray. Thursday night, Friday all day, Friday night, even early Saturday morning…I prayed that God would provide the food through any means. I had little doubt, although I have to admit some did exist.

It started Friday morning, as Friday and Saturday morning’s Publix loads would end up being two of the largest loads we have ever received. Even Friday as I picked up Ty from school, I coincidentally ran into Ben and Greg Williams. Greg told me he had some soup donations that had been sitting in his garage, waiting for a time they could bring them by. And sure enough…by 7:30 Saturday morning people were already showing up with food. One group came in with boxes of cereal and cereal bars. Another group would come in with over 100 boxes of Little Debbie snack cakes. Another with bags and boxes of random things…peanut butter, granola bars, oatmeal, graham crackers, macaroni and cheese. Another group with several other random things. Don showed up to deliver 140 chickens Fran had sent out to us. Every time I turned around, Cary (my brother in law who runs the parking lot) was walking in the door saying, “We need some guys to unload donations.” And what is the most interesting, in all those donations, there wasn’t a single canned food item of any kind.

The house was full and so were the hearts. It was the most food we have had donated on a Saturday since we had opened in November. And what a blessing for God to provide it all when it was needed, after a week of prayer, and in such unusual circumstances. And it all started with Barby Reed sharing a book. What perfect timing! He must have been behind that too.

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  1. I am so encouraged by what I see in Adam and Jennifer Walker. Stories of people who live out their faith daily are not just found in history books, they are just around the corner in Harvest, Alabama!

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