walterjonesWalter Jones came to work Saturday! What a blessing he has been to House of the Harvest! For those that don’t know, Walter used to live in our community. He played several years with the Seattle Seahawks and is highly regarded as one of the best, if not the best, offensive tackle to ever play in the NFL. Walter is a Hall of Famer, and John Madden himself stated that he thought Walter was, “the best player in the NFL” at one point in his career.

What an honor to be recognized as such in any field.  But I can tell you what I love about Walter. This is the fourth or fifth time I have had the opportunity to be around Walter, and I am so impressed by his humility. I don’t know any other Hall of Famers in any sport, but I doubt many of reflect the humble nature of Walter Jones.

Yesterday he requested to be one of our “runners.” If you haven’t been to House of the Harvest before, a “runner” has become our term for the people who walk around with the individuals that come in to receive food. We pair them up at the door and use our runners to develop relationships and pour into the individuals who come in. So instead of trying to keep a low profile, Walter requested to join our runners so that he could be directly involved. He spent all morning assisting and loading cars and he did it just like he does everything else…with a soft, gentle smile and humble, gracious attitude. You would never think he was one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL.

We watched him sign autograph after autograph, high five and hug kids, and take photo after photo. He stuck around with us afterward just to share how blessed he was to be able to be a part of House of the Harvest. It was our blessing completely…because Walter’s spirit and example impacted us all. Thanks Walter for your time, your generosity, and your humility! We are proud to have you as our friend for what you did on the field but, more importantly,  for who you are off the field!

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