Testimonies: Jeremy and Kristin Tomes

TomesWe are very blessed to get to be a part of the work that the House of the Harvest is doing by serving the community we live in.  For so many of us we live comfortable lives and can easily forget that our neighbors can be struggling to find food for their next meal.  Allowing families to receive food at the House of the Harvest takes a big step in changing that.

One thing I think that makes it special is that there is no papers to fill out, no check stubs to present, no judgment passed, and no requirement to prove that a family is in “need” of the help.  Jesus came to serve, and His service didn’t come with stipulations.  No one had to prove they were in need of His love before He gave it to them and we strive to treat others the same way.  It fills me with such joy to see these families walk out with smiles on their faces and know that we have had a small part in that.  For someone who is struggling in their life, something as small as a basket of food to take care of a few meals and a kind word or hug or prayer can be the thing that gives them the hope they need to not give up.  I am so thankful to get to be a part of that hope.
Each Saturday my family leaves feeling so encouraged.  Sure we are helping serve those in our community who need it, but we are able to gather with a group of Christians (many whom we don’t know) and work together to bring glory to God and that builds up my faith in huge ways.  I can walk in on a Saturday morning feeling tired and maybe down from a hard week, but after a few minutes of working alongside the volunteers and talking and laughing with the families that come through, I feel uplifted and grateful to be there.


One of my favorite things about the House of the Harvest is that my children have the opportunity to serve just the same as I can.  They get excited and look forward to spending their Saturday mornings handing out food to families who need it.  This has allowed their hearts to be more open to the world around them and look for ways to help those in need.  We spend so  much time teaching our children about serving others and living like Jesus but here they get the chance to see it in action and get excited to be a part of it.  The House of the Harvest is an incredible blessing to the community it serves but also to those of us who have been given the chance to be a part of this work.  I am excited to see how God continues to bless this work and use to it expand His kingdom.
Jeremy and Kristin Tomes

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  1. Grateful to be blessed in this life by being able to know the Tomes family. They have been a blessing to us over the years and we always enjoy their presence at House of the Harvest. We love you guys!

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