Two Mites

two mitesThere is a certain lady who visits House of the Harvest each week. She keeps a very low profile. She doesn’t stay long…sometimes she doesn’t even get out of the car. Just pulls into the parking lot, unknown to the majority of people there, makes a generous food donation, and carries on her way. I don’t know her name, where she is from, or even the reason that House of the Harvest compels her to contribute…but she is there, every Saturday to make her donation.

And by all accounts her donation may not seem much to most people there. It doesn’t need a pallet to be moved like a lot of our food. Nobody needs to come running with a shopping cart or anything to bring it in. It doesn’t require a dolly, or several individuals, or a pallet jack. In fact, some might even look at her donation and think, that will only serve 5 or 6 of our 150 families. Continue reading “Two Mites”

Protected By The Almighty Hand

communityEver since the beginning of time, God has been faithful to protect His people. Remember when Abraham let Lot choose the better land? He knew God would protect him. When Moses stood in front of Pharaoh? God had promised to protect him. Over and over in the Psalms we can read about David and his reliance on God’s protection from his enemies. God was faithful to protect His people over and over again.

But there were times when He wasn’t. Just the other night I read the story of the tower of Babel. The people were seeking to “make a name for themselves.” They were self-promoting, self-serving, and self-reliant. In the end, God didn’t offer His protection. Rather, He caused confusion and dispersed them as He had commanded them.

I feel a great sense of protection over House of the Harvest. Mostly, I think, because I feel God has blessed us with a tremendous responsibility. Wouldn’t I be an unfaithful steward to not guard and protect it with all of my heart? Continue reading “Protected By The Almighty Hand”

Why We “Never Grow Weary”

potatoWe love our Saturday mornings at House of the Harvest. It is such a blessing to have that time to spend with our community. For our “regulars,” we have all become a family. We look forward to being together, sharing each other’s stories, and just catching up. But when it all settles and the chaos ends, we look forward to the rest to. I am grateful for everyone who helps us close up and clean up each week. We close at 11:00 and I am usually on my way home by 11:15. But not today…

We opened the garage door today. It was nice outside. Kim Converse was helping Jennifer with some stuff after we closed up. It was around the time we are usually out the door. About 11:15 a lady and her daughter (a Harvest Elementary student) pulled up in need of food. I walked her around and got them some things. Soon after a couple ladies in another car pulled up. We got them some food. Then another. Sometimes it seems as long as the door is open, people will pull up. Continue reading “Why We “Never Grow Weary””

Filling the House

George_MuellerOn Monday a co-worker came to Jennifer and me with a book. It was her favorite story…an autobiography of George Muller that she was dying to share with us. She said that our journey to begin House of the Harvest was a similar story to his. His story really is remarkable. We were both so impacted by many of the stories from his journey to start the orphanages that it was an instant change in our lives. And the timing couldn’t have been better. I was most impacted by Muller’s prayer life. He kept a prayer journal where he wrote down the specific things that he asked from God. He even recorded when he asked for them and when that specific prayer was answered. He had over 50,000 prayers recorded in his journals and 30,000 of those were answered on the same day!

Fast forward to Thursday. Ty and I went over to House of the Harvest to prepare some things for Saturday, pull the tithe, and tidy up a bit. As I was sorting through everything, I was thinking we were so heavy on cans. We had a lot of canned food items but very little of much else. It has kind of been an unusual week, because Fran had so much going on at Manna House and we were having a difficult time coordinating our schedules. Continue reading “Filling the House”

Merry Christmas

We had quite a few toys donated at Christmas this year. When we had our Christmas dinner we sent almost all of them out. We probably had 50 kids there the night we celebrated Christmas. In fact, there were so many kids that we couldn’t even keep up with all of the gifts that were leaving! God had provided so many gifts…and so many children! What a blessing that night was to so many families.

Jennifer, with help from Jana Bannister, was overseeing the wrapping and distributing of the gifts. In the moment, something told Jennifer to hold a few back. So she did…three boxes of legos in fact. Being as wise as she is, she tucked them away in a safe spot, because if you don’t at HoH, it will disappear. Remember that if you ever come. Continue reading “Merry Christmas”

He is always watching over us

One year ago we started delivering food in boxes to some of our students in need. Today, right at one year later, House of the Harvest was filled washerwith volunteers providing those needs and more in phenomenal ways to all of our community. We have been so blessed to watch it transform! And just when you need a reminder… Continue reading “He is always watching over us”


walter It’s not every day you get to meet a Hall of Famer…not for me any way. Not only did we get to meet Walter Jones, but we were so blessed to have him come out to serve at House of the Harvest! Walter gave up his evening to come out and serve at our soup dinner and speak to all of those who were present. He gave us a great message about community, taking care of each other, and providing for those who are in need. What a blessing for us to have him come and share with us. We look forward to working with Walter more in the future!

Finding a Home

deedWe found a building. The first time I saw it, I knew it was the place. I just didn’t know how we would make it happen. The building was the Harvest Volunteer Fire Department. They were building a new facility, and the old was on the market. Asking price $220,000. The problem is…we don’t have that kind of money.

I can be pretty relentless. Sometimes it’s a gift God gave me. Sometimes it’s my thorn. But I have a determination that few can rival. I came up with a plan to approach the Fire Dept. about renting the facility.

God was working from the beginning. Continue reading “Finding a Home”

The Beginning

It was the winter of 2015. My wife, Jennifer, was running a food pantry out of a cabinet in her classroom. We had a several weather dayspantry image…and several kids in need of food. Each afternoon was filled with questions about whether or not we would be in school the next day, or even the next couple of days. Kids were coming to her classroom left and right asking for some food to take home, stopping one of us in the hallway, pulling us aside at different times throughout the day. You could see the anxiety in their eyes. Hard not to have compassion for a child, especially one in need. Continue reading “The Beginning”